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75 of Oregon’s Best Day Hikes



Three Fingered Jack Hike
Three Fingered Jack Hike


Here is a website on Day Hikes that I highly recommend:

In this article, written by Tyson Gillard, (75 of Oregon’s Best Day Hikes) it has everything you could possibly think of for going on any of these 75 day hikes: local & current weather report, necessary gear, hiking difficulty, location (including a GoogleEarth view), driving directions, etc.

Each hike is categorized by region, and includes written directions and a slide show of outstanding pictures from that hike.

Now here’s a list that will likely be contentious, but someone has to do it. How do you pick the best of the best? In a state with so much natural beauty and wild diversity, there’s certainly a lot to choose from. To get started, we broke the state into eight distinct regions and then asked ourselves two critical questions:

  • “If we had to pick a handful, what day hikes in this region would we undoubtedly recommend to friends visiting from out of town?”
  • “Despite their popularity, what day hikes exemplify the unique qualities of this region?”

After hours of deliberation and debate, we’ve come up with a solid list that is long enough to include destinations that you’ve always wanted to reach, some old favorites that need to be revisited, and hopefully plenty of spots you’ve never even heard of. Note that plenty of Oregon’s most incredible places aren’t included on this list even though they may be accessible by trail; in this case, we’ve excluded hikes that are less than a half-mile. You can find plenty of these spots by searching Special Destinations, which will yield results such as Toketee Falls off the Umpqua River. We’ve also excluded any hike over 14 miles round-trip that is better suited for backpacking, including adventures such as Glacier Lake in the Wallowa Mountains.

Go see for yourself by clicking on HERE.

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