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“Camping With Dogs” Instagram Will Inspire You To Go Hiking With Your Dog

When I came across this website, I was somewhat skeptical of how much hiking really took place. However, after looking at the submitted photos, I was converted. These pictures are incredible, and speak wonders of the bond between man/woman and their best friend. These pictures were submitted and then voted upon, presenting the most popular then in descending order. Which one is YOUR favorite? Mine is a toss-up between numbers 7 and 12, just for the scenery. You can either submit your own “hiking with dog” photo, or vote on the ones already submitted at

Ryan Carter wanted an excuse to spend more time with his dog cooper, so he started the company Camping With Dogs. The Nashville, Tennessee entrepreneur’s goal is “Inspiring the world to go camping with their dogs!,” and his #campingwithdogs Twitter and Instagram have quickly become popular.

The Camping With Dogs company successfully promoted and held the first “National Camping With Dogs Day” on September 5th to “celebrate and appreciate our dogs that follow us to the ends of the trail map.”

More info: | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: lostateminor)

Number One:

Camping With Dogs


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