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Kayaking, Cliff-Jumping, and Hiking // Adventures in Wales







This weekend I went to Fishguard, Wales for an Adventure Weekend.


Friday afternoon we took at 5 hour train ride to Wales and got to the Lodge around 7.

The first thing we noticed was the cow manure smell and quickly realized we were staying right next to a dairy cow pasture.

We ate an awesome home cooked meal and spent time playing intense card games.

Saturday morning we woke up early for breakfast and went on our first adventure of the weekend.

My group had kayaking first so we suited up in wetsuits! Putting on a wetsuit was an experience in itself.

After we had on about three layers each we got fitted for our Kayaks and drove 10 minutes away to a beach.


I’ve been kayaking before but never in such rough water. The swells were so big but it was so fun.

The water was freezing so thankfully I never fell in. We kayaked around the cove and looked into caves.


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